I'm very lucky, I have great customers who say great things!

"A quick progress report.............eureka! More height and definitely more distance. Am amazing myself myself, actually got onto our 13th green in two..........another satisifed customer!"

Mrs CN via text

 "Lee - after breaking my neck a few years ago you fitted me with clubs that allowed me to play golf when I was on the verge of quitting as my existing clubs caused too much pain when hitting the ball.Your clubs gave me the opportunity to slowly get back into golf while my neck healed, then earlier this year you remodelled my clubs to suit my improved swing and club head speeds and my game has gone from strength to strength - indeed yesterday I shot one under par gross at TPGC to win one of the few Honour Board comps at the club. Can't thank you enough ! Top club maker !"
Mr PM via website.

"Thought I should let you know I shot 1 under gross yesterday up at Chigwell. So much more control with my irons, especially wedges. Will have to book in to see you more often!"

Mr EM, via email.

"Just thought I would let you know how the new irons are going. In a word GREAT. I have played 36 holes now and even with some truly horrible swings they are getting up in the air and still in play. The long irons are forgiving and long and the short irons seem so accurate. I do not think I have been able to hit and hold so many greens with my 9 and PW as I can now. The AW is brilliant at everything from 80 yards in to 5 yards chips around the green."

Mr NG, via email.

"Again, ab-fab clubs. Just amazing the "real world" difference!"

Mr JT, via text.

"No better man for the job. Thanks for my new irons Lee they are awesome and the wedges are unbelievable!"

Ladies European Tour Player (anonamous for contractual reasons), via Twitter.

"Hi Lee, just to let you know I've cut my h'cap by a shot and I'm driving the ball straight!!!!!! I'm really enjoying my golf and thank you for my lovely clubs and all your time and effort. A very happy golfer!"

Mrs PB, via text.

"Good session with Lee on Flightscope, launch up, carry up..."

JW (Challange Tour Player) via Twitter.

"Just a quick report on how the new clubs are going after two rounds. Really pleased with the performance, the ball is going into the air and I feel very comfortable hitting with them. The 6 hybrid is excellent, it gives me confidence in the second shot, and the 9 iron is consistent in accuracy and distance. One thing I have noticed is that they appear to offer a good even spacing between the clubs, where my old ones were very bunched."

Mr CG, via email.